PowerFly Safety Skin

PowerFly Safety Skin



The newly designed PowerFly Safety Skin ® available in April 2017.  New colors available in blue or yellow.  The buckles are now upgraded and we added a water resistant pocket to the design.

The Safety Skin ® was designed to protect you personal watercraft hull.  It has a universal fit for all personal watercraft manufacturers. This inflatable fastens to the front of your jet ski and provides multiple benefits as listed below.

Available in: Yellow or Blue.  We also offer the Zapata Racing version in red. (*Price will increase for the ZR version.)

The Safety Skin ® is a wearable item.

The Safety Skin ® is made up of five inflatable chambers. If the chambers encounter an object, they can be punctured. If you impact the chambers against objects such as a water jet device hose, marine dock or personal watercraft trailer, the chambers can become damaged. If you damage an inflatable chamber, you will be required to purchase a replacement. Punctured chambers are not covered under warranty.

The pocket on the Safety Skin ® is water resistant but not completely waterproof. Do not place anything inside this pocket that cannot get wet.

The Safety Skin ® cover can fade in color. If using in salt water, fresh water rinse after each use. Lengthy exposure to extreme UV exposure can cause damage to the product.


  • Protects the front of the watercraft from hose impact
  • Protects the hose from any sharp objects on the front of the watercraft
  • Helps prevent watercraft rollovers
  • If a jet ski roll over occurs, flips the ski upright in the correct direction
  • Reduces the risk of injury or severity of injury if a flyer impacts the front of the watercraft
  • Can be removed in less than 15 seconds
  • Easy access to front storage compartment
  • Secure mounting system which allows for travel anywhere without removing from watercraft
  • Can be removed and used as a safety sled to tow an injured person back to shore
  • Fits all model watercraft
  • Mounting option:
    1. Footman loops through bolts 

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Blue, Red, Yellow


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